A new normal, a new era - we shall overcome, we shall achieve!

In any crisis there are opportunities! The global Covid Pandemic has gripped the world since early this year and relentlessly created havoc on people from all walks of life, on economics of small and big businesses, on education from elementary to post graduate conferences. Organizations locally and  internationally are equally afflicted. It has  generated fear, anxiety, misery and helplessness.

     PSUCMI as an organization is not without its own woe in this pandemic.  Total lockdown sidelined a well-planned convention with its luminaries of foreign and local speakers indefinitely.  Thanks to modern technology virtual meetings emerged, live streaming was made possible, and conferences transformed to webinar.

     Windows of opportunity have presented themselves.

     The power of social media and world wide web can not be overemphasized. Virtual meetings allow us to reconvene at the comfort of our homes. Priority tasks calls for an update of the PSUCMI’s web page followed by reorganization and transformation of the convention to webinar.

     Young blood and old guards alike poured in the knowledge resources and grit to finally launch the revitalized web page with a webinar lecture by Dr Andre’Dirk Clevert, a world renown radiologist from the University of Munich.  2020 Annual convention is reformatted to webinar to cap the year in Oct 17 and Oct 24,2020.

     Thank you and congratulations to the team.

Bee Giok Tan-Sales, MD


PSUCMI Officers 2018-2020

Patria Cecilia Martinez, MD
Millicent Tan-Ong, MD
Ciely C. Pastores, MD
Anna Lyn Egwolf, MD
Mario Bautista, MD
Public Relation Officer
Leopoldo M. Abad III, MD
Public Relation Officer

Board Members

Danilo Pedro J. Lagamayo, MD
Joy M. Gali, MD
Warfe Engracia, MD
Svetlana Aycardo, MD
Olympia Q. Malanyaon, MD

Board Members​

Rodney L. Fernan, MD
Amaryllis Digna O. Yazon, MD