PSUCMI, Its Beginnings & Milestones

PSUCMI, Its Beginnings & Milestones


PSUCMI started  with 50 founding  members who were all medical doctors, specialists and /or Supspecialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Perinatology, Reproductive Medicine, Advanced  Gynecologic Surgery);  Pediatrics(Neurology, Cardiology, Neonatal or Pediatric Intensive Care),Surgery, and Radiology, who incorporated ultrasonography in their clinical practice. The first set of officers were lead by Dr. Corazon Yabes-Almirante as Founding President. The PSUCMI was initially based in the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City.


PSUCMI obtained its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippine Government as a  Nonstock, Non-Governmental Organization . PSUCMI also obtained society affiliation with the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).

PSUCMI was endorsed by Prof. Yoshihide Chiba of the National Cardiovascular Center of Osaka, Japan;  Board Member  the Japan Society of  Ultrasonics in Medicine and Biology(JSUM), and Secretary General of the Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (AFSUMB),  for society affiliation to AFSUMB. The PSUCMI was introduced to AFSUMB in 1998 during the 5th AFSUMB Congress in Taipei, Taiwan. Once a regular society affiliate of AFSUMB, PSUCMI is likewise , a member society of the World Federation For Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB); a Non-governmental organization which provides technical advisories in medical ultrasound to the World Health Organization (WHO).


The first batch of PSUCMI officers lead by Dr. Almirante and founding members, were inducted to office  by Prof.Hiroki Watanabe,  AFSUMB President and WFUMB President-Elect. Among other ultrasound experts and AFSUMB officers who witnessed the induction was Prof. Yoshihide Chiba. The venue was during a regular annual convention of the FPIP in Manila bearing the theme: Ultrasound Revolution in the 21st Century, “Is Ultrasound For All? Where Are We Heading?”

PSUCMI Had a special participation with FPIP which held simulataneous   Postgraduate Courses  in Breast Ultrasound, Basic Pediatric  Ultrasound, Cranial Ultrasound, Fetal Echocardiography, and Uro-OB/Gyn Ultrasound.

1999-2001 – PSUCMI Founding Officers/Members assisted FPIP in collaboration with the Department of Health (DOH)  foreign consultants in Breast and Abdominal Ultrasound, as lecturers and preceptors  in  the Introductory Course in Basic Medical  Ultrasound to 80 government doctors from 40 disadvantaged provinces of the Philippines. Each province received a new ultrasound machine, A Project of the Safe Motherhood Program of the DOH. The participants were invited to join PSUCMI when they finished the entire training.

Feb 10-13, 2003

 PSUCMI held its First Annual Convention at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center,  with the Theme: “Ultrasound in Clinical Practice: Innovation and Updates” . Among theultrasound experts invited were Prof. Hiroki Watanabe,WFUMB President; Prof. Ritsuko Pooh of Japan, expert in Sonoembryology and Fetal Neurosonology, Prof. Albert Lam from Australia, pediatric Neuro-radiologist, and Prof. Kittipong Vairojanavong, President of Medical Ultrasonic Society of Thailand (MUST)  and AFSUMB President.


PSUCMI is awarded an educational grant by WFUMB, to be able to organize and conduct a  “Training for Trainers” Ultrasound Workshop, which was held  in Jan. 21-23 . PSUCMI President was Dr. Almirante and the Over-all organizing committee chairman was   Dr. Eric Talens, a Trauma Specialist and Surgeon and  PSUCMI Board of Director. The WFUMB speakers’ bureau who participated in the workshop were as follows: Prof. Byung Ihn Choi(Radiologist), Vice President of WFUMB and President Elect,AFSUMB;  Prof. Hiroki Watanabe(Radiologist),Immediate Past President, WFUMB; Prof.Kittipong Vairojanavong(OB-Gyn sonologist),AFSUMB President; Dr.Leandro Fernandez(Radiologist) of Venezuela,  Dr. Glenn Mcnally(Obstetrcs andGynecology) of Australia,and Dr. Masatoshi Kudo(Radiologist) of Japan.

2005 -2006

PSUCMI would organize and conduct Annual Conventions for its members who are clinical sonologists in  private practice and in obtaining official time from the Department of Health of the Philippines  for its participants in the government service . On the same years, A “SoundPact” from among ultrasound societies is organized to  promote ethical practice of ultrasound . Initiated by Dr.Eric Talens as PSUCMI President.


PSUCMI is Collaborating Society to Fetus as a Patient Institute Philippines (FPIP) during a Pre-Congress on Fetal Neurology in March 2007, in Manila, during the XXIII International Congress of the Fetus As A Patient International Society. Featured foreign guest speakers then were Prof. Asim Kurjak (Croatia); Prof.Frank A. Chervenak (USA), Drs. Vincenzo D’Addario (Italy), Dr. Ritsuko Pooh and Prof. Kazuo Maeda both from Japan.


PSUCMI is designated to host the 5th AFSUMB ULTRASOUND Workshop, part of the Education Outreach of AFSUMB and also a form “Trainors’ Training”. PSUCMI President was Dr.Ricardo Quintos(Vascular Surgeon, UP-PGH and NKTI).

Over-All Organizing Chair and PSUCMI Vice President was Dorita Evangelista(Radiologist, Past President, Ultrasound Society of the Philippines) AFSUMB speakers’ bureau comprised of the following: Prof.Chen Wen Chiang(Echocardiologist) of Taipei, AFSUMB President, Prof. Kanu Bala,   (Radiologist,Bangladesh),AFSUMB EDUCATION COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN; Prof. Yi Hong Chou (Radiologist,Taipei),AFSUMB Treasurer; Prof.Kittipong Vairojanavong ,Thailand,AFSUMB Past President; Dr.Wilaiporn Bothisuwan (Breast Sonologist,Thailand); Prof. Hanjarto Sidharta (Radiologist,AFSUMB Director) of Indonesia; Prof.Masatoshi Kudo(Radiologist) of Japan; Prof.Michael Y.Divon,(Perinatology) U.S.A; Dr. Seung Hyup Kim ,(Radiologist, Korea,)AFSUMB Secretary

* The PSUCMI is an offshoot of the Fetus as a Patient, Institute, Philippines (FPIP), also founded by Dr. Almirante 10 years earlier, FPIP initiated short courses in Basic and Advanced Ultrasound trainings with the objective of promoting good perinatal health