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1) As a regular member of the PSUCMI, you are automatically a member of the two (2) international societies, the AFSUMB & the WFUMB. The PSUCMI pays for your memberships to the AFSUMB and the WFUMB from your annual membership fees.

2) You are entitled to fellowship training or a study grant thru the recommendation of the PSUCMI to the Japanese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, (JSUM), Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, (KSUM), & Chinese Taipei Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (CTSUM), on your choice of ultrasound specialty training & with monthly allowances. Note: Please see the details in the web site of the 3 Asian Societies. It is a yearly fellowship offer of the three (3) above Asian Ultrasound Societies.

3) If there are no applicants from the regular members, associate members can apply and can be recommended by the PSUCMI to fellowship training, but regular members are the priorities.


a) The PSUCMI accepts fellows of ultrasound from the different Philippine specialty ultrasound societies, as regular members.

b) It accepts associate members, such as residents in ultrasound training, fellows who are training in ultrasound.

c) It also accepts affiliate members such as ultrasound technologists & other allied professions doing ultrasound examination, like nurses.

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