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Posted on: 05/20/2007 07:41:15 AM

Current AFSUMB President Dr. Byung Ihn Choi met with PSUCMI President Dr. Ricardo T. Quintos, Vice-President Dr. Dorita P. Evangelista, Current PAGSPHIL President Dr. Corazon Y. Almirante and USP Immediate Past President and PSUCMI Board Member Dr. Rodney L. Fernan.

Dr. Choi, also the President of the 2006 WFUMB Congress in Seoul, Korea was the main guest lecturer of the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines and CT-MRI Joint annual convention held last October 5-7, 2006 at the Manila Hotel. The AFSUMB Head insisted on meeting the current officers of the PSUCMI to set an open continuous communication between the WFUMB/AFSUMB and PSUCMI.
Updates on the activities of both societies were discussed, past, present and the future and accomplishments of the societies, during the past few months as PSUCMI is an affiliate society of the WFUMB and AFSUMB.